Global Payment Technology At Your Fingertips

DigitalPay Limited has created a blockchain-based technology that allows global financial institutions to implement real-time settlement technology. We provide our customers with instant transactions with certainty while reducing costs.


Global Payment Technology

Here at DigitalPay Limited, we are changing the way we send money. Financial service companies and banking institutions are now able to send money globally instantly and at reduced costs.

Global Access

Send international payments to every region around the world

High Speed

Providing you instant access to on-demand settlements

100% Certainty

Get real-time reports and traceability on your payments

Transparent Costs

With the lowest operational costs and deep global liquidity pools


Connected Payments

DigitalPay Limited provides global banking institutions and financial service companies with high data attachments, strengthening security for each payment sent.

Our blockchain-based technology provides solutions that outperform the current banking standard, the outdated technology being replaced will result in driving transactional costs lower and increased processing speeds while also adding visibility into transparent payment fees and delivery.


Instant Payments

The pioneering technology can efficiently be transitioned into an existing banking infrastructure. With faster integration, institutions will be able to avoid downtime and reduce traditional limitations while providing their businesses and customers faster on-demand payments.


Existing Payment Channels

With banking institutions and financial businesses facing higher processing fees and slower transaction settlements, the lack of technological standardization across the board is causing unnecessary transaction fees and slow execution.

  • An average of 4% of global payments fail
  • 3 - 5 business days for settlement
  • $1.6 trillion is lost in annual costs