About Us


DigitalPay Limited

DigitalPay Limited 數字支付有限公司 was established in 2014 as a startup technology company that has been leading the way forward in further developing blockchain technology for the financial industries that would revolutionize the banking industry we know today.

Since Mr. Zhu Guangyao founded the company, DigitalPay Limited has been determined to develop and enhance its own peer-to-peer technology.

DigitalPay Limited is now helping banks and financial institutions overcome their outdated and unreliable transaction systems with our new pioneering technology, integrating them seamlessly into the present banking infrastructure. With our technology, we can reduce conventional limitations while providing institutions with a faster and more effective way to transfer funds.


Your Global Network

At DigitalPay Limited, we provide a unique, frictionless experience for worldwide payments, connecting the far reaches of the globe to send funds instantly with lower charges.

Our blockchain technology can also assist banks and financial institutions with:

  • Express Transactions Express transaction settlements by using real-time access, ensuring transaction certainty and removing settlement risk.
  • Secure Network Highest security on each transaction, built-in encrypted data shared only by banking institutions.
  • Lower Costs Instant delivery on payment execution, enabling savings on operational costs for worldwide transfers.
  • High Data AttachmentsClients can avail from our innovative infrastructure that allows high data attachments to be sent with each transaction.


Lower Transactional Costs

DigitalPay Limited is leading the way for next-generation payments. Financial institutions are now equipped to efficiently exchange important information that includes receiver, sender, fees and foreign exchange rates all in a real-time environment with peer to peer tracking.

With DigitalPay Limited’s blockchain technology, financial institutions can reduce their transaction fees by up to 60% on current levels. Worldwide payments are now instant, secure and highly efficient with our blockchain technology and our team can tailor the dynamics to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Explore Faster Transfers

With over $150 trillion U.S Dollars sent around the world, today's existing banking infrastructure is outdated and expensive.

Our technology enables institutions to connect, allowing more data and faster payments. Explore the potential today.