Blockchain Technology

DigitalPay Limited 數字支付有限公司 provides financial institutions with systems using blockchain technology which has completely transformed the business of large financial institutions, retailers, and international businesses, changing the way payments are conducted and fulfilled.

Since the 2008 economic recession, the financial industry was faced with a number of challenges concerning trust, reliability, and value.

Traditional banking is now deemed outdated and somewhat unreliable and alternative options for their transactions and assets needed to be found.

As a result, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have disrupted the industry entirely. With DigitalPay Limited’s proprietary blockchain technology institutions are allowed to track their existing currency transactions in a safe and secure environment.

With a distributed ledger technology (DLT), this technology enables a variety of uses for both private and financial institutions. DigitalPay Limited can adopt certain aspects of this technology to better suit clients depending on their requirements. The World Economic Forum estimates that 10% of worldwide GDP will be stored using blockchain by 2027.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the world of payments by fulfilling bank’s desire for faster processing, more detailed audit information and higher levels of security for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Explore The Difference

By using our Blockchain technology, we allow institutions to track their existing currency transactions in a safe and secure environment. With Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), this enables a variety of uses for both banks and financial institutions which can adopt certain aspects of the technology to better suit these financial institutions depending on their requirements.

With the breakthrough technology institutions can verify each transaction, view high rich data attachments or text within the DigitalPay’s blockchain system.

Explore the potential of blockchain technology today! If your institution or organization is looking to update their existing infrastructure, see how DigitalPay Limited can assist you.