End Users


Payment Providers

DigitalPay Limited 數字支付有限公司 provides its customers with instant payments, transparent and traceable transactions to clients around the world. With our systems, we can connect multiple banking institutions therefore provide lower transactional costs.

Payment providers will have a full suite of options such as a foreign exchange payment execution, multiple nostro accounts and low-cost remittance.


Institutional Services

DigitalPay Limited offer institutional services for large banks within the financial industry. Our technology provide real-time tracking on payments that come with a single delivery verification code, helping you pinpoint each transaction.

Our technology includes large data packages of information that can be attached, making it easier when working with sensitive data. As of 2020, it has been estimated that just under $2 trillion U.S dollars are absorbed in operational costs that build up from slow cross-border payments. Other benefits include:

  • Transactions can be done in minutes or seconds, while currently, settlements can take up a week.
  • When banks and financial institutions are using smart contracts, it will improve contractual term performance as smart contracts execute automatically.
  • Blockchain data recorded is immutable. Any data that is recorded on a blockchain can be tracked in real-time, leaving a very detailed audit trail. As such, it eliminates error handling and reconciliation. In addition, it improves transparency across the industry. This could lead to improved regulatory reporting and monitoring


Entering New Markets

DigitalPay Limited can provide your business to enter new boundaries that might have been previously too difficult or just simply not cost-effective. Our unique technology will allow you to expand your horizons with a sound system.

We are able to save up to 60 percent on average, allowing your customers to experience cheaper and faster transactions. Get in touch with a sales representative and start experiencing the future of payment technology.