Investor Relations


Investor Relations

DigitalPay Limited 數字支付有限公司 has been operating since 2014 and are based in Shenzhen, China. Since we were founded the company was determined to develop a peer-to-peer technology that would assist global institutions with their financial transactions.

Since our establishment we have gone on to developing a technology powered through blockchain that allows banks to reduce their fees while increasing settlement time drastically.

Following our first prototype in late 2016, DigitalPay Limited attracted investors and received a $28 million U.S Dollar capital boost to expand the company’s research and development. Investors ranged from private institutions to hedge funds and private capital ventures.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zhu Guangyao has been guiding DigitalPay Limited since the company’s formation to develop its technology with flexibility, meaning that it can be tailored to different financial institutions depending on their requirements



With its main focus targeting the Asia-pacific region, as of 2018 DigitalPay Limited has formed partnerships with many of the biggest financial names in Asia. Providing and testing its technology, the company has been successful with all of its implementations.

DigitalPay Limited is set to provide a private retail foreign exchange mobile application technology that will be able to offer individuals instant currency exchange at low cost transactions. This new application is set to launch by early 2022 and will be available on Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems.


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For more information on DigitalPay 數字支付有限公司 and the work we have been doing since 2014, please contact our designated member of staff that will handle all your questions:

Mr. Joseph Yong, Head of Investor Relations