Our Technology


Our Technology

DigitalPay Limited 數字支付有限公司 propriety blockchain technology is built around blocks that link together using cryptography and a distributed ledger which can then enable peer-to-peer transactions. DigitalPay Limited's new technology can also ensure that all regulatory requirements and compliance measures are satisfied.

Our technology protocols further embed the data security through our proprietary public-key cryptography. Our R&D team are also exploring hybrid blockchain, where one is public or consumer-facing and the other is permissioned for corporate transactions which is expected to become a mainstay as the blockchain matures.


Financial Services

DigitalPay Limited understands the current requirements for banking and financial institutions. That's why we have ensured that every aspect has been created to deliver customer satisfaction to our clients swiftly. We have added a new channel that enables institutions to process liquidity payments to other banks.

Financial companies can now provide payments for high and low volumes to worldwide suppliers, merchants and employees giving institutions greater control over their payments with clear visibility and efficiency.

Traditional banking is now deemed outdated and somewhat unreliable as consumers and businesses are seeking alternative options for their transactions and assets.

As a result, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have disrupted the industry entirely. It has completely transformed the business of large financial institutions, retailers, and international businesses, changing the way payments are conducted and fulfilled.

Both financial institutions and their consumers will be able to send worldwide payments at an instant rate, with the highest level of security attached. Since the 2008 economic recession, the financial industry has been unexpectedly shaken and faced with a number of challenges concerning trust, reliability, and value.